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Cylinder Head – 1098cc – Lead-Free


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Cylinder Head -1098cc *For exchange or I get your original Cylinder Head Reconditioned.


Please contact us for a quote as to the surcharge – this varies dependent on location and shipping costs and condition of the Cylinder Head.

For diagram please CLICK HERE.

Studs for head to block:
long= 10M106 (FIX117) x4
medium= No longer available use 10M107
Short 10M107 (FIX118) x5
Nuts for studs= 10M210 (FIX109) x9
Washers 10M209 (FIX109A) x9
Additional studs:
Manifold to head =10M175 (FIX112) x6, Washers= 10M307 (FIX111)
Thermostat housing =stud 10M172 (FIX113) x3 nut =10M225 (FIX139) x3 Washers= 10M224 (FIX172) x3
Heater tap/valve =studs10M176 (FIX116) x2 nuts=10M180 (FIX137) x2 Washers =10M179 (FIX156) x2
Rocker shaft (long) stud= 10M173 (FIX114) x2 nuts=10M207 (FIX139) x2 Washers=10M206 (FIX157) x2
Rocker shaft (short) stud= 10M174 (FIX115)x2 Nuts= 10M207 (FIX139) x2 Washers=10M206 (FIX172) x2.

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